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8 Advantages of using an Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine


Packaging will be the closing step of your own production collection, however the first thing that your customers see after your products are provided. Productivity and regularity are the two most crucial aspects of any profitable packaging. Excellent stretch wraps will protect your pallets from dirt, damage and also other sorts of tapering. Though wrapping pallets isn’t difficult, hands stretch wrapping causes inconsistencies. Companies are now finding it easier to get stretch wrapping machines that may conform to their unique everyday functions. Get more information about overwrap machine manufacturers

Great things about Wrapping Your Products using a Stretch Wrapping Machine

A stretch wrapping machine works well for wrapping parcels, boxes and containers or some other forms of products that are to be kept or transferred. Stretch wrapping your items or products provides some rewards including:

1. Protection of Products from Damage, Dust and Moisture

When you make use of the right stretch wrapping machine, it will be sure that your items are securely covered in order to avoid any prospective damage from debris, dirt, or moisture content.

2. Improved Safety

A stretch wrapping system could keep your user in the forklift which, in itself, can be a safety calculate. Based on a recently available survey, it was found out that 20 % of all forklift accidents involve people walking round the factory floor. For that reason, retaining the operators around the forklift helps to keep them from the floor and dedicated to the duties ahead. Palm stretch wrapping causes wear-and-tear injuries, and modernizing for an automatic stretch wrapping machine will protect your employees.

Automatic stretch wrappers call for very little connections from their operators. By merely pulling a power cord through the forklift, it will get the pallet or goods covered. Moreover, the machine also ensures consistent wrapping that is certainly safe and ready for travel, although a by hand covered pallet can easily topple and cause damage to the products and the handler.

3. Will save Time

By investing within a wrapping machine, you helps you to save time and effort. By hand wrapping pallets, boxes and also other products might be tiresome and also time-consuming. However, wrapping your products and boxes for storage or transport by having an automatic stretch wrapping machine helps save you a lot of time and effort that you may use in other essential business processes.

4. Save money on Film Fees

Compared to fingers wrapping, the two semiautomatic and automatic stretch wrapping machines can save your business money on high film fees. Automatic stretch wrapping machines have two film line rollers the location where the second rollers’ rotational speed is more than the first, and also this expands the film. This improves the tensile power from the film and decreases the all round charges. Rotary tower automatic stretch wrapping machines tend to be more effective.

5. Speedier Packaging

An automatic stretch wrapping machine by having an allowed PLC control will aid in fastening the packaging process and aid satisfy the bulk packaging requirements with your business. Stretch wrapping machines from Orion might be tailored to fit your needs. This is preferable to getting a regular machine with standard requirements, features, and accessories.

6. Successful Product Wrapping

When you make use of a stretch wrapping system for your bulk packaging business specifications, you can guarantee uniformity in wrapping your products having a similar stretch and effectiveness which otherwise wouldn’t be feasible through fingers stretch wrapping. The manual wrapping process has variants in the stretch and performance of packaging your products. Which means that an automatic stretch wrapping machine will make sure much better packaging of the boxes, pallets, and products at your workplace.

7. Elevated Productivity

Who doesn’t like the notion of acquiring more work carried out in less time? An automatic stretch wrapping machine will put your business on the path to effectiveness. Your operators won’t ought to wait for commence and prevent of wrapping periods. Together with the position of your pallet with a conveyor or pulling of the power cord, the wrapping starts off and halts immediately. The Orion entry-level portable automatic stretch wrapping machine Flex HPA carries a 15 RPM variable speed, and it features a greatest load weight ability of 5,000 pounds. From this point the automatic stretch wrapping machines only get faster. The quickest Orion automatic stretch wrapping machines (like the MA-X) have a rotation speed of 30 RPM plus a production ability of 60-75 lots each hour.

8. Better Products Control

Stacking similar products together can make inventorying simpler. And also this reduces the probability of product break up that will make stock matters time-ingesting. Nevertheless, with crystal clear and consistent stretch wraps, you can scan directly through it if you are utilizing a scanning system.

A stretch wrapping system brings uniformity and safety within your production series no matter the size and location of your storage place. If the many rewards that a stretch wrapping machine brings have piqued your fascination,

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