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Attracting Bats to Roost inside your Garden With a Bat Nesting Box

All seventeen species of bat within the UK are protected. You may help with their conservation by placing a bat nest box inside your garden. Bats are a great organic pest controller as they may be voracious eaters of insects and may thus, be an awesome help to the organic gardener. Get extra information about bat boxes for sale


Typical roost sites for bats include: mines, tunnels, caves, attics and trees. They are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature at distinctive times of day and year and will as a result, generally move around to various roosting sites throughout the day and through various seasons of your year.


Mating season for Bats inside the UK is from September to October. They hibernate from November to February and rear young from June onwards.


Bat boxes are generally compact with a slit variety entrance and a tiny space inside to simulate a nook or cranny inside a cave of rock face. Quite a few Bat nesting boxes might be put up in close proximity to one another to kind a bat colony or colonies. There will often be a lot of bats in one box huddling together in pretty a small space.


In lieu of just putting one roosting box inside the garden it is actually advantageous to spot many, either in various trees or on distinct sides of your identical tree so the bats can move around when the sun moves or to obtain protection from the elements. If you do not have several trees inside your garden then, bat breeding or roosting boxes also can be sited on the side of a building or higher up inside the identical tree that you may possibly currently be using for bird nest boxes. Remember to site the boxes away from an excessive amount of human disturbance so the bats will not be disturbed an excessive amount of.


There's absolutely nothing like sitting in the garden on a summer's evening and watching bats come out at dusk, watching their acrobatic capabilities as they chase insects. They they'll generally swoop down close to a garden pond to grab insects from close for the water. For that reason, having a pond nearby will also help attract bats for your garden.


Remember that bats are protected and consequently, nest sites must not be disturbed this incorporates in case you uncover them roosting in your attic space or chimney breast!. They really should also not be handled in any way with out the acceptable license and permissions. For those who uncover the place of a natural roosting site then it really is greatest to seek specialist help and suggestions.

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