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Benefits of obtaining a Stretch Ceiling



Stretch Ceilings are a relatively new idea towards the US (even though they have been about for many years in European nations), and also you could be wondering, why need to I get a Stretch Ceiling? Stretch Ceilings is often the solution to some problems that you simply didn’t even know may be solved! We’d like to introduce you to some from the benefits that these ceilings provide: Get a lot more information and facts about


Noise reduction

Stretch Ceilings are a fantastic technique to reduce unwanted noises! They may be made out of tensile material, which implies that they absorb sound waves, rather than replicating them. This implies that Stretch Ceilings are terrific for places having a great deal of ambient sound coming from the outdoors (or from noisy neighbors).


Covering for imperfections

Stretch ceilings are a simple and speedy way to cover pre-existing ceilings. Actually, they originated in France to cover up crumbling plaster on old ceilings. With time, Stretch Ceilings also became well known since they may be a perfect approach to make Popcorn Ceilings disappear. Popcorn Ceilings could be harmful to take away, but we wouldn’t blame you for wanting them gone. In place of going by way of a messy process, you will get rid of Popcorn Ceiling by covering it!



Stretch Ceilings can give you the chance to personalize your ceiling as a great deal as you would like. You'll be able to print it, choose in between diverse colors and finishes, and combine them with exciting lighting! In case you have currently decided you would like a Stretch Ceiling to cover imperfections, this could be a great chance for you to innovate and change your spaces.


Spaces can look taller!

Low ceilings can ruin a space that would look superb otherwise! Nobody desires to really feel like they're living inside a house built for Hobbits. Higher Gloss stretch ceilings will help you repair that! By installing a reflective ceiling, your walls can look twice as higher. Tricking the eye with an optical illusion is definitely an straightforward method to solve an otherwise unfixable difficulty.


Quick and speedy installation

Unlike other services, Stretch Ceilings only take one day to be installed. A lot of the production process does not come about inside your house. After the correct measurements are taken, Stretch Ceilings are manufactured and personalized in our studio, and we just need to have one day to install them inside your space.



Stretch Ceilings are created out of 100% recyclable material! We think in taking care in the environment, and encourage our consumers to perform so also. For a lot more facts on ways to be a lot more sustainable, it is possible to study our top eco-friendly interior design strategies blog post about it!



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