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Essential oils of aromatherapy are extremely well-known. They are extracted by steam distillation using various aromatic plants. These volatile oils can vary from mild olfactory smells, to strong pungent scents. Some of them are also referred to as "pheromones". Essential oils are used for aromatherapy because of their ability to produce a calming and sensual calming effect by diffusing just the right amount of moisture in the air. Get more information about Firmer


Fennel Sweet. Fennel is a plant with a pungent scent that is widely used as an essential oil. The perennial plant has been used in culinary and aromatherapy practices since Roman times. It is used in a variety of recipes for chicken dishes, and as a flavoring for various desserts. It has a slightly spicy scent that some consider quite strong. Fennel Sweet is often added to recipes to boost the flavor or to dishes to add instant flavor.


Eucalyptus Sweet. The essential oil is extracted from the Australian Eucalyptus tree. It is used in aromatherapy due to its pleasing scent and the fact that it is believed to boost circulation. Some people find it to be uplifting and energizing, while others feel it cools.


Bergamot. The essential oil made from rosemary. It is used to decrease stress and anxiety, and to help calm nervousness. It is also believed to fight depression and aid in the relief of headaches. Bergamot is believed to have an uplifting effect on your nervous system. This makes it an effective oil for tension headaches and tension. Other attributes make it a great option for promoting general well-being.


Neroli. A vibrant orange essential oil made from the flowers of the niaouli tree. It is used traditionally to scent hair and bath products. It was used traditionally in the Middle East to treat and heal ailments and pain. However, its soothing effect has made it a preferred treatment for stress.


Camphor. Camphor is extracted from woody stems of the camphor tree. Camphor oil is characterized by a distinctive scent that some consider to be quite strong. It is a strong disinfectant and is believed to be one of the most effective essential oil cleaners because of its antimicrobial, antifungal and antifungal properties. It has a sour taste and a woodsy odor.


Clove. Clove essential oil is a fragrant and aromatic oil. It has an uplifting, spicy aroma. It is often found in bath and body products since it helps to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness. It is an additional essential oil that can be used to ease minor muscle spasms and pains. The scent can be diluted by mixing it with rosewood or lavender.


Citronella. This essential oil has been used as a repellent since the beginning of time. Citronella has been regarded as a substitute for pesticides and chemicals in recent years. Some have found that using citronella as a self-pacing spray gives them a calming effect similar to the one you get from candles that smell.


Eucalyptus. This essential oil is made by the eucalyptus leaves tree. It has a refreshing, floral scent that can be used as a disinfectant. It has a woody smell with a subtle lemon scent. This oil is often added to shampoos and soaps as shampoo conditioner, conditioner, freshener, or conditioner to relieve flaky, dry, itchy skin. Because of its respiratory system enhancing effect many people choose to use eucalyptus to ease congestion and reduce some of the symptoms of allergies.


Lemongrass. A essential oil that is tropical and has a light lemony aroma lemongrass has a pleasant citrus scent. Lemongrass oil is frequently added to dishes to add the flavor of lemon with a fresh, lemony aroma. As an added flavor it can be added to baked goods, candies, juices, and smoothies. The oil can be used to treat colds, sore throats, and flu. It also works as an anti-inflammatory oil.


Lemon. The citrus scent has fresh lemony aroma that can be mentally uplifting and energizing. Lemon juice is often added to shampoo, face wash, and other household cleaning products to create an uplifting, refreshing, or disinfecting effect. It is a great way to improve your immune system by adding lemon juice to drinks and ice cubes.


Mandarin. The essential oil is extracted from flowers of the Chinese mandarin tree. The flowers have a floral aroma that is both uplifting as well as rejuvenating. Mandarin is used to scent shampoos conditioners, soaps, and shampoos to reduce dandruff and headaches. People who use mandarin essential oil often find themselves feeling relaxed, calm and emotionally energized.

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