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Different Kinds of Body Jewelry

In current times, body jewelry has embraced its spring. It receives wonderful popularity from people, specially among young generations. As for the designs, colors, shapes and components are endless within the market. Generally speaking, body jewelry primarily falls into two forms: piercing jewelry and non-piercing jewelry. Nowadays, I will introduce the primary sorts of the pierced and non-pierced jewelry. Get more facts about Click here


The supplies for the body jewelry is really versatile from gold, silver, and surgical steel to plastic, wood, bamboo and a lot of other points. The key varieties of piercing jewelry get their names according to the shapes or pierced places. Here is actually a list of widespread used jewelry.


Belly button

Navel is one from the most often pierced parts of body. It at instances pierced with a barbell. They are regarded as vital accessory when the length of shirts and blouses go up plus the hip line goes down. They are available in a great number of varieties that happen to be exciting, pleasing and interest catchers. The designs are also fairly versatile for instance dragon, butterfly, and roses and so forth.



It is actually a type of piercing which can be done via eyebrow, normally vertically. It can be pierced straight above the eye towards the edge in the eyebrow. Banana barbells, captive earrings and curved barbells will be the suitable jewelry in cases of eyebrow piercing. As a matter of truth, eye location is fairly sensitive, so you'll need pay substantially focus for the care soon after pierced.



You will discover various sorts of jewelry might be worn on nipples. The familiar ones are nipple shield, nipple chains, nipple rings. The design is of numerous alternatives from roses to whirlpool. It really is fairly attractive and private location to wear the jewelry. But for all those newly became mothers, it might influence breastfeed.



Nose piercing appears to become a fashion trend spreading like wild fire. There are mostly 3 forms you will get carried out: nostril piercing, nasal septum piercing and bridge piercing. Nostril one is definitely the most common one of 3. The usually used nose piercing jewelry comes in varieties of studs and rings. Captive bead rings and circular barbells win people's love most.


Lip and tongue

Lip piercing falls into two forms: Monroe and Medusa. Monroe is accomplished on the upper lip. Medusa piercing is situated specifically above the upper lip, below the septum. Stud will be the most typical jewelry used for lip piercing. Tongue piercing, placed within the middle of your tongue, gets reputation day by day. Barbells are used as jewelry.


Non-piercing body jewelry

Non-piercing body jewelry is related towards the piercing body jewelry, using the only exception that they do not require someone to get his or her body pierced to wear this type of jewelry. This sort jewelry often tends to make use of magnets, glue and clips to fix the jewelry on physique. Nipple shields, nipple chains, stick-to earrings are very popular.


There is no doubt that piercing jewelry can highlight and boost the beauty of our physique. Nevertheless it also nurses some dangers for piercing jewelry for example scars, affections and allergies etc. We ought to take some precautions and right care for pierced parts. It is unwise to pursuit beauty to sacrifice our health.

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