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Immerse yourself in the colourful and enthusiastic world of Frida Kahlo, along with her immersive biography, you will live an imaginative experience that may consider you through her art, her life and her legacy. Find more information about Frida Kahlo Bogotá

Enter into the universe of Frida Kahlo in Bogotá and awaken your creativeness

Uncover the life and legacy with this iconic Mexican artist through an immersive tour loaded with radiant colors, extreme sensations, and a deep connection to her art. From the time you get into, you will travel into a surreal space the location where the art and life of Frida Kahlo will provide a series of special spots, immersing you in her imagination and her life story.

Through the over 1,500 square meters of your convention, you will feel the enthusiasm and energy underneath the powerful gaze of this revolutionary artist. As you look into her world, you will see the impact of her roots, her personal struggle, and her indomitable character.

This immersive Frida Kahlo experience is a lot more than only an art exhibition is really a transformative experience that encourages you to explore your own identity, celebrate your credibility and connect with the power of art as a kind of concept.

Dare to find out probably the most seductive specifics of the very most influential Mexican artist in history, permitting yourself be taken away with the passion and ideas that transcend each brushstroke. Certainly, #Fridaenunicentro is definitely an experience you don't wish to miss.

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