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Did you know cats and dogs can lick themselves or items to help reduce anxiety? When cats and dogs overgroom as a result of stress and anxiety it might cause fur reduction/thinning and can bring about skin infection. Anxiousness might be a result of a lot of things. In cat’s anxiety could be due to moving to a new house, a whole new cat with their territory. A fresh addition to the family unit like a human being newborn. In dogs’ noisy noises like thunderstorms or fireworks can cause nervousness. Have more information about Sodapup lick mats

Just how can we help our hair children while they are struggling with stress and anxiety? There are pheromones you may use that diffuse with the air flow (various pheromones can be used as cats and dogs) that can make them sense calm. In cats you can find foods that happen to be produced by milk protein to ensure they are feel calmer. But sometimes medicine is necessary for intense cases.

Licki mats are a fantastic tool to use if they are feeling nervous. They are also excellent feeling of boredom busters and support your pet slowdown in eating their food. You are able to use both damp and free of moisture food with them and they are often iced! Cats and dogs spend their time licking the mats as opposed to themselves which in changes leads to less damage completed to their skin and coat.

Peanut butter (wihtout xylitol) or processed meat can be spread out within the mat and biscuits connected like fasten to those products for the much more of challenging! You are able to use flavoured water and freeze it.

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