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Jose Refugio Muñoz de Luna

The IEA politicizes the issue of charging for water in schools to hide administrative deficiencies, said councilman José Refugio Muñoz de Luna. Jose Refugio Muñoz de Luna



He pointed out that from 1997 to 2010 the public educational institutions complied with the payment of the drinking water service, through agreements between Inagua and CAASA, and as of 2011, in the change of administration, they stopped paying, the declarations of Francisco Chávez, director of the IEA, where he says that he had never paid for this service.


Refugio Muñoz mentioned that the educational authorities should rather be concerned about the waste of water that they have in some schools and carry out awareness campaigns on the proper use of water, given the problems that exist in the entity due to the scarcity of the resource, in instead of encouraging students and parents to pay for the water service in the schools.

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