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Management of Cancer with Chinese Medicine


Living with cancer can be quite a distressing experience for both those directly influenced and then for their family, relatives and close friends. Incorporation of Chinese medicine in a cancer treatment method offers key pros in working with commonly viewed difficulties in the disease and then in fighting the side-negative effects of treatment by standard medicine methods for example surgery, radiotherapy and chemo. Pulling in the author's vast experience in one of Beijing's top hospitals, Management of Cancer with Chinese Medicine provides a distinctive understanding of the Chinese method of healing cancer, emphasizing the tasks enjoyed by acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qigong therapy and diet regime therapy in fortifying the body and performing synergistically with conventional medicine to radically boost the quality of life of cancer patients. Have more information about ยาน้ำเทียนเซียน

Offers the author's broad-ranging experience in the integration of Chinese and traditional medicine to obtain the most beneficial cancer treatment approach.

Created for TCM experts to see in their day-to-day exercise working in either an alternate or typical medicine setting.

Supplies a comprehensive talk in the role of Chinese medicine in post-operative management and also in lowering the principal side-results of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Clarifies the application of Chinese medicine in the management in the major complications of cancer like pain, temperature and internal bleeding.

Affords the etiology, pathology, and full pattern detection for each condition, with herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment mentioned for every single design.

Capabilities carefully picked scientific experience and case scientific studies of 16 other prestigious Chinese doctors to place Professor Li's strategy in point of view and broaden the information open to providers.

Contains chapters on diet therapy and Qigong, both of which can be applied by sufferers at home.

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