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Red Sea Diving - PADI Divemaster Course



After you get to this point, you will be well on your approach to turning qualified and transforming your passion for diving into your bread and butter. The PADI Divemaster course assists to improve your stamina and hone your diving knowledge. This course assists you step up to a professional level. The PADI Divemaster course will provide you with the opportunity to work with and assist your diving instructor during training sessions. This course builds on your problem-solving and accident management abilities. Get far more data about padi divemaster gili islands


The PADI Divemaster course consists of five key components:


· stamina tests

· in water capabilities

· in depth diving information development

· practical assessments

· work experience.


The PADI Divemaster course assists the student make the switch from recreational diving to professional. Upon successful completion of this course you'll be capable to assist a qualified PADI instructor through training of students in PADI courses and supervise training activities yourself by planning, organising and directing dives. By qualifying as a PADI Divemaster you'll have the chance to progress towards the PADI Dive Instructor course.


The PADI Divemaster course is both sensible primarily based and knowledge-based. The course will include an internship at the dive centre, exactly where you will understand all about the diving business and be improved equipped to make a decision where you should take you'll diving profession in this wide and varied industries. Students will undertake at the least 120 hours training, though this really is spread out more than time. To in function as a PADI Divemaster student, you'll need to already have 20 dives below your belt. By the time you have got qualified, you will need to have undertaken at the least 60 dives.


To complete the information elements with the course, you will need the following literature:


· PADI A Divemaster Manual

· CD-ROM with Instructor Outlines for Divemaster Carried out Programs

· The Diving Expertise Workbook

· the Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving

· Divemaster Slates


The PADI Divemaster Crew Pack Involves All the Vital Literature and is out there from about £130. This fee must also include your certification fee, in the event you buy it from the dive centre you're training with.


In the PADI Divemaster course, this swimming test is increased to 400 m. You might also be asked to tread water for 15 minutes, two of that will be along with your hands held out of your water. You'll be needed to undertake a timed snorkel of 800 m, using fin strokes only. There is certainly then a one hundred m timed tired diver tow to be carried out, dressed in full at scuba diving equipment. The medical questionnaire for the Divemaster course is more meticulous than for the other courses. It is accompanied by a medical examination and you'll have to have to be in fantastic health. You'll need to ensure that you are covered to scuba diving below the terms of the travel insurance. The sport is excluded under some policies. Diving equipment rental should really be integrated in your course charge, nevertheless it is most effective to check to be certain. To take the PADI Divemaster course, you need to be at least 18 years old and have attained the degree of PADI Rescue Diver. You also have to have to hold a valid Emergency First Aid certificate accomplished within the final two years.


Once you may have attained Divemaster level, that you are ready to start instructor training. This begins with a PADI Instructor Development Course. You will find numerous speciality courses obtainable when you might have turn into a qualified as an instructor, top as much as the ultimate accolade of Master Scuba Diver.



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