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Chakra Healing - Tips on how to Balance Your Chakras

Chakra healing might help you balance your chakra system, which are energy fields in our physique. It is actually essential to make certain that they're open and in healed, as this will give us a feeling of harmony and peace. But are a few of these energy fields closed, it may give us problems in several diverse strategies. Every single chakra will be the location of a number of our traits and personal identity. So if a chakra is closed, it may show in you holding back in that area and not feeling comfortable about it. For example if your heart chakra requires healing, you may not permit yourself to really feel or get love from other people. By performing chakra healing meditation it can assist you to regain that balance in order that you aren't holding back any of the characteristics. Get much more information about Chakra Healing


The location, characteristics and colours


The first chakra is the Root Chakra. This really is our foundation and what creates a feeling of balance and stability. The colour of this chakra is red and it's positioned in the base on the spine.


The second chakra would be the Sacral Chakra. This is where we uncover creativity and psychic energies. The colour is orange and is located just below the navel.


The third chakra would be the Solar Plexus. That is exactly where our spontaneity and energy is situated. It truly is also the location of our will-power. The colour is yellow and is situated among the heart along with the navel.


The fourth chakra would be the Heart Chakra. This can be the place of love and unconditional love. It can be our capacity to offer and obtain love. The colour is green and is situated in the heart region.


The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra. That is our potential to speak and be heard. Our capability to express ourselves verbally. The colour is blue and is located in the throat.


The sixth chakra could be the Third Eye Chakra. This can be our window towards the paranormal and spiritual world. It truly is connected to our psychic abilities. The colour is indigo and purple and is located inside the middle of your forehead.


The seventh chakra may be the Crown Chakra. This can be our connection to the Divine and Greater Self. It is actually the closest we are to our spirituality. The colour of this chakra is either purple of white and is located around the top of our head.


Chakra healing and Balancing


Chakra healing is really a meditation, exactly where you are going to work on opening and balancing your system. You need to work on every single chakra for a minimum of 5 minutes.


Step 1


Uncover a comfy Posture and take a moment to acquire comfortable and unwind.


Step 2


Close your eyes and take a extended deep breath in by way of your nose. Locate anxiety and tension in your body and let the air heal that area. Visualize that you're breathing in healing air that removes all of your worries out of your physique as you exhale.


Step 3


Now take a different deep breath and guide the air to your root chakra. Visualize the air as a bright red wind and see the air enter your root region and let the air fill the chakra with its light and love. Really feel the vibrations of the robust light. Let the red colour of the root area get stronger and brighter with each and every inhalation you take. Whenever you exhale, you're exhaling dark and unclean air and removing it from your chakra.


Step 4


Move as much as your second chakra, which is the sacral chakra, and repeat the process. Breathe inside the warm and healing light, and now let the air be a warm orange colour. Guide the air for your sacral region, which becomes brighter, stronger and healthier. Take your time and do not rush the steps. Take your time for you to genuinely really feel the alterations in your body's energy system. Continue to breathe into your sacral chakra till all dark and polluted spots are gone.


Continue this physical exercise and heal all of your seven chakras in order that you might be producing balance and harmony amongst them.

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