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Rumored Buzz on Celebrity Net Worth


How Much Does Your Favorite Celebrity Worth?

You've heard that your favorite actor is rich, but just what is his worth? Get more information about Andrew Lincoln Net Worth

How We Track Celebrity Net Worth

We monitor the net worth of celebrities through the analysis of their public records which include interviews, press releases as well as posts on social media. We also review the financial records of their clients such as tax returns and property records. By looking at all of this data, we're getting a clear picture of what a celebrity's net worth.

The Most Rich Celebrities in the World

If you're looking for celebrities there are several things they are famous for: their films as well as their music and their outrageous spending. What is how much money they make? Just how much is your celebrity of choice worth?

We did a little digging and found out how much the net worth is of a few of the richest celebrities in the world. Here these are the 10 richest celebrities list:

1. George Clooney - $500 million

2. Oprah Winfrey - $3 billion

3. Steven Spielberg - $3 billion

4. Jami Gertz - $3 billion

5. Tyler Perry - $600 million

6. Tom Cruise - $540 million

7. Johnny Depp - $430 million

8. Julia Roberts - $250 million

9. Angelina Jolie - $160 million

10. Brad Pitt- $300 million

Some Celebrities You've Never Seen Are Worth Millions

You may be surprised find out that some of the beloved celebrities are now worth millions. Here's a list celebrities you may not know have now earned millions:

1. Jennifer Lopez - $300 million

2. Beyonce - $265 million

3. Taylor Swift - $250 million

4. Oprah Winfrey - $2.7 billion

5. George Clooney - $700 million

Richest Actors and Actresses in Hollywood

While many actors and actresses have made it big in Hollywood but some have made substantially greater than other. Below is a list of the richest acting and screen actresses working in Hollywood in relation to the amount of money they are estimated to have

1. Tom Cruise - $570 million

2. Jackie Chan - $350 million

3. Sylvester Stallone - $275 million

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger - $200 million

5. Clint Eastwood - $375 million

6. Harrison Ford 230M

7. Eddie Murphy - $85 million

8. Will Smith - $260 million

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