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The Akashic Records - What Are They?



The Akashic Records will be the Universal Archives of just about every experience and lifetime that you just have ever lived, a comprehensive and precise record of the soul's journey from inception to present day and beyond. Get more info about lecture akashique


Wikipedia describes the Akashic Records this way - The Akashic Records (akasha is actually a Sanskrit word which means "sky", "space" or "aether") and is usually a term used to describe a compendium of mystical understanding encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records are described as containing all expertise of human experience as well as the history with the cosmos. They're metaphorically described as a library; other analogues generally found in discourse around the subject include things like a 'universal supercomputer' and the 'Mind of God'. offers quite a few definitions such as this Hindu description with the Akashic or Akasha - One from the 5 elementary principles of nature based on Hindu mysticism. Akasha may be the very first of those principles, and out of it the other folks are designed. These subtle principles, or tattvas, are related to the five senses of human beings and for the simple elements of matter: earth (prithivi), water (apas), fire (tejas), and air (vayu). The all-pervading Akasha is accountable for vibrations of light and sound. explains the Akashic Records this way - The word Akashic comes from the word Akasha, which can be Sanskrit for ether, space or sky. A lot of mystics describe the Akashic Records as being the collective thoughts and consciousness of all people. This collective consciousness is like an ordered filing system where every single thought, action and event which has happened, is taking place or will come about is recorded.


My personal experience with all the Akashic Records, each as a Record Reader plus a Akashic Reading client, is that an Akashic Reading offers a distinct benefit more than other types of intuitive and psychic readings, as they're far more precise than the Tarot, more precise than a Psychic Reading, a lot more detailed than Numerology, and more distinct than your Astrology chart can possibly predict.


Unlike a Tarot or Psychic Reading, where someone must interpret the arcane symbology of your Tarot, or the filtered and questionable psychic realm, the facts you obtain from your Akashic Reading comes in the highest probable resource inside the Universe, and maybe a lot more importantly, it can provide you using the most precise and acceptable answers for the queries you seek, as it is coming directly from your own personal Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records leave absolutely nothing up to interpretation - as they are your Akashic Records that just disseminate the answers for your concerns clearly, and in the most proper manner for you to most quickly fully grasp. You may acquire clear, concise and comprehensive guidance out of your Akashic Records that you simply won't get from any other kind of intuitive or metaphysical predictive practice.


The Akashic Records are the purest resource for practical guidance today, and may be thought of as your personal resource for divine guidance. It is my sincere belief based on more than thirty years of in depth study, research and sensible experience, that once you schedule an Akashic Reading, you are going to obtain essentially the most accurate and detailed intuitive reading that an individual can access today.

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