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Italian art is both an expression of classical Italian culture and art movements that were born out of this culture. Italian art movements started with the design of huge cathedrals, homes, and other structures built upon Etruscan principles and influenced by Roman themes. Architraves, columns, and other masonry surfaces are used in Italian Renaissance architecture. It became a distinctive sign of Italian craftsmanship and art when local art elements were combined with western European design elements. It was the combination of local and foreign art styles that helped Italian artists gain recognition in Europe and across the globe. Get more information about Fine Art Photography Ideas


Italian home furnishings began changing in the course of time as Italian furniture designers struggled to adapt to a changing environment. Urbanization brought new industrial innovations to Italian furniture manufacturing. The design of wood furniture changed and the shapes of geometric designs changed. In addition, the movement toward ceramics and vases made clear the importance of choosing the right materials in the right location. In the 20th century wore on, Italian furniture designers made huge strides in incorporating modern technology to improve and enhance Italian crafts.


It was the choice of colors that most influenced Italian art for homes. It was the popularity of pastel colors like magenta and pale yellow ochre and eggplant that led to an alteration in furniture design in Italy. It was renowned for the incredible works of art created by Italian artists and artisans in pastel tones in Florence, Murano and the Tuscan countryside. Murano is still home to many pastel-colored art today!


Italian furniture designers also stayed in step with European designs through the use of baroque styles. Baroque is an art form dating to the 1400s when artists employed architectural designs, materials, and techniques that were heavily influenced by Italian baroque artists as well as the work of the Renaissance. Baroque designs had the aim of resembling an iconic Italian Renaissance palace or church. This style was characterized by the fluid curves and elegant lines that are characteristic of the work of Italian baroque artists. In general, baroque designers used bright color combinations and distinctive finishes. Many baroque pieces have been significant in Italian art and craftsmanship.


One of the most important developments in Italian art after the Renaissance was the arrival of artists from Florence. Italian city of Florence. Some of the most renowned painters, authors, artists, and writers the world has witnessed were born in Florence. It was in Italy that Renaissance artists began to carve churches, cathedrals, and villas. This was possible because they resided there. The Italian Renaissance artists not only created stunning works of art , but they also helped shape the ideas of the Renaissance.


The Italian Renaissance period saw the development of the lively aesthetic style now called Italian Renaissance art. It combined Italian art and influences from other European art styles, like the Classical and Spanish Baroque periods. Later the Baroque style developed and led to the development and popularity of Italian art Deco. Italian interior designers employed Italian art styles to develop new concepts and layouts for modern homes .


You can decorate your home with stunning classic Italian art pieces by picking from a wide selection of Roman blinds. There are various types of Roman blinds to choose from such as the flat fold design as well as the Roman square design and the Venetian blind and the fold blind. These blinds are available in range of colors and sizes. Blinds can be used for any interior design theme you want to incorporate in your home.


It is evident in contemporary interior design including furniture and architecture, interior decorations, fabrics, and even interior decoration. You can mix and match different Roman blinds with other furniture pieces or paintings to bring traditional Italian art into your home. Some of the most popular Italian art pieces that you can use in your home are Murano Glass vases, Murano Tableware and Murano Candle holders. These items are perfect accessories to any type of Italian interior design style you have. You can also purchase these items online for a reasonable price, as there are many online stores selling rare art and antiques from Italy.

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